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Scammed by Fraudster "Daniel" aka @PCMasterRace


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Nov 12, 2020
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Deal Thread URL:https://carbonite.co.za/index.php?t...-oc-8gb-non-super-r13999.363228/#post-2406575
Buyer: @BenSkillz
Description of Bad Deal:

I was scammed by the PCMasterRace aka "Daniel" according to his WhatsApp profile. I contact him regarding a Gigabyte RTX 2080 that he was supposedly selling. He claims to be from Jeffreys Bay. I initially contacted him on the Tuesday May 18, 2021 and asked if the card was still for sale. He said it was but that someone else had first option on it. Then on Wednesday May 19, 2021 again contacted him via pm as to the availability of the card and he informed me that one of his "friends" was supposedly interested in the card but that they were were messing him around and so the card was mine if I still wanted to buy it. I asked some additional information from him regarding the card like temps he was getting, whether it was ever mined and so forth as well as some pictures of the actual card. All looked good once I had received them. So I decided to proceed with the purchase of the card on May 19, 2021. I got his banking details from him on WhatsApp which are:

Bank: FNB
Type of account: Cheque
Account Number: 62870408575
Branch Code: 250655

I made the full payment of R14 000 to him on May 19, 2021. He informed me that he had received the payment and that he would pay for the shipping via courier or PostNet. I then forwarded him my address for the courier. He said we would chat later. The next morning of Thursday May 20. 2021 he let me know that he has the card with him and that he has a quick meeting and then he will send me the card to me via PostNet. I then let him know which two PostNet branches he could sent the card too. He then said that he would send me the waybill of the package as soon as he had sent the card. Some hours went past and in the afternoon I sent him another message asking if he had a opportunity to send the package that morning.

No response.

On Friday morning May 21, 2021, I again tried to contact him on WhatsApp as I could see that he had received but not read my previous message.

No response.

Subsequent messages via SMS, WhatsApp, on Carbonite via pm, Cellphone calls from multiple numbers to his number and WhatsApp elicited no response from his side. This took place from Friday1 May 21, 2021 to Thursday May 27, 2021.

No response whatsoever. All calls went to voicemail and SMS failed to send.

I then made contact with Carbonite moderators on Thursday May 27, 2021. His account PCMasterRace was banned. Thank you for the prompt response guys and the quick action form your side for what its worth against this criminal.

I have also contacted FNB with the above information and a case of fraud and theft has been opened with them and their investigators are looking into the matter.
I also opened a case of fraud and theft with SAPS and their investigators are also looking into the matter. They will be subpoenaing his personal information from FNB and action will be taken against him.

I will be posting screenshots below from my phone so that all can see what pictures of the card were sent to me so that you can watch out for anyone sending you similar pictures. Also the Gigabyte RTX 2080 has these numbers on the back according to the sticker in the picture below:


If any of you recognize the serial numbers or give me further details regarding the card that would be much appreciated. If any of you recognize the pictures or their origin please do the same. Also he claims that the card runs amazing in a "Corsair Carbide case with 5 fans for good airflow"..... sure of course if should. Also he sent me screenshots of the temps of the card "in Resident Evil Remake", so watch out for someone giving you similar information here on Carbonite.

Interestingly I was updating the moderators this morning on the action I have taken with SAPS and FNB and I came across this Bad Deals thread from Nov 25, 2020 here on Carbonite:

Someone who stole another Carbonite members real world identity @HomelessHobo who was scammed by a individual in 2017 and who was arrested in 2018 and also called themselves "Daniel" scammed @RyCan in 2020. This individuals real name is apparently Morne Groenewald. Unfortunately it seems that his account was banned here on Carbonite last year because no one could give the moderators his username and so the thread was closed. It might very well be that this is the same individual who scammed me ( apparently Morne Groenewald and his family are know for being involved in scams and he is apparently not the smartest individual out there either).

If @HomelessHobo and @RyCan could give me any information regarding this scammer that would be much appreciated and might be able to help me with my case with SAPS and FNB. Maybe this guys ID number, address, any case documents from his arrest and the contact information the guys and girls at SAPS who were involved in with his arrest in 2018 would be amazing. Let's get this guy and ruin him.

Below will be all the pictures that PCMasterRace aka "Daniel" sent me of "my" graphics card along with screenshots of my conversation on WhatsApp and the banking information that he gave me.

Stay safe everyone and watch your backs out their with all the loser around in this world who are too useless, lazy, incompetent and are downright just a massive POS that they rip off others.

Pictures here:


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Jan 27, 2019
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Midrand , ZA
LOL This fucker is still at it - And the sad thing is if it is indeed the brothers there are many people that know exactly where to find them I think a while back i saw a post where the SAPS in PTA knew them personally and knew exactly where they are - I also almost got taken for a ride by this POS a while ago !! Dont understand that after all these years they still roam the earth untouched


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Sep 3, 2012
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So just a update on the scammer.

I made a deposit at a ATM using false information so that I could see who really owns the bank account at FNB.

The scammer is Mr Stuart Tarpey as per the image below. Don't deal with someone using this FNB account number: 62870408575

This is guy is Jasonbourne he was banned for scamming me a while back. Send me a pm I have quite a bit of information on this guy. I can't believe this he comes back on carb just to start scamming people again.



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Jan 10, 2018
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Oct 1, 2014
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I would suggest opening cases and going full tilt at this guy like Mustafa did. Throw everything at him. He still has friends on here, so they can also inform him of the shit he's causing if they want.

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