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Looking for a Reliable Mechanical/Motor Warranty

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Hi Guy's

So my mechanical warranty will be expiring soon and i cant drive my car without a warranty. Parts are K#K expensive for my car.

So any one know of any good companies that offers these warranty's at good prices?



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No. They all suck, really. I've had two - neither of them have paid out for anything. Also, if they do, you are severely limited to the amounts they pay out, so you fork out a bunch yourself anyway. I would rather buy a new car than get one with a bolt-on mechanical warranty, to be honest.
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@ juankleynhans juankleynhans dont know if my father only got lucky but he bought an extended warranty from SA warranties for his ford ranger and less than a month after he bought the warranty, the turbo went poof, they paid for everything, no questions asked.
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Thanks for everyone's opinions. My previous warranty was with Constantia IAfrica, They where very good and paid out twice once for a Petrol Pump and Other was a throttle body. The car in question is a Peugeot 207 GTI.