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DELID / RELID service for IVY/Haswell/Devil's Canyon/Skylake/Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake.

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My 4770k is sitting on 4.0ghz currently

Idle temps around 44
Load 60ish never goes over 65

Would this be a candidate for delid?

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Not really hey.
Those temps are decent for a Haswell.

Unless you want to push to 4.8 Ghz at some point.
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1) Price of a 4790K delib please?
2)Are there aftermarket copper IHS?
3)Do you do a full seal or semi?
3.1) If semi , what results do you get? I saw a vid from GamersNexus where they showed 10~20degree extra drop, when only doing a parcial seal (3 dots of silicon per side AFAIR).

1 - R300
2 - Yes, they perform worse than the normal Intel IHS which is already a copper IHS with nickel plating
3 - Full


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Got my i7 8700k back from [MENTION=3262]KakHard[/MENTION] earlier this afternoon, and am very happy with the results!

Was hitting 92-95C @ 4.8GHz (1.35v) before delidding.

After receiving the reliddid chip from KakHard, I hit 75-77c @ 4.8GHz (1.35v), and 85c @ 5.0GHz (1.35v) in prime95 (small FFT) with an Antec C40 air cooled cooler.

5GHz gave me blue screens after a while though, so settled at 4.9GHz @ 1.3v for now until I get water cooling.

Will post some screenshots of the results tomorrow evening.

Will definitely recommend [MENTION=3262]KakHard[/MENTION]'s service!! ;)
After more testing I managed a stable 4.9GHz @ 1.27v. 70-72C max. :D

5GHz is still unstable. Definitely need water cooling.


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Would a i7 3770 be worth it to be given the full KakHard Treatment?

Might overclock in the near future, especially now that I have a watercooler on it.


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[MENTION=350]Migs[/MENTION] - IMO not worth it for a non-K model. But maybe your temps are crazy high.[/QUOTE]

Before watercooling.

After watercooling.

These are all under load.

I might consider OC in the near future, since I plan to still keep using it for longer.

Do you still recommend to not bother delidding it?
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[MENTION=3262]KakHard[/MENTION] delidded my i7-4790k. Dropped my temps by 30 degrees C on IntelBurnTest's stress test. He taught me plenty about delidding and fixed a few stupid mistakes I had made with my system as well. Great service by a really good guy. Highly recommend his skills.