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CUD Brawl 2020.16 - Rocket League 2v2

  • Entry fee is R50 pp. This goes into the pot. Winner(s) take all. (for this first tournament only, ian_stagib will be adding R500 to the pot). Contact ian_stagib for banking details.
  • At least one person (preferably all) must stream the game on their chosen platform. The stream link must be posted in the tournament thread. Rocket league does allow for spectator mode so feel free to ask a streamer or streamers to do running commentary on your game.
  • If a party is 10 min late to the game, they will forfeit the game.
  • Both parties must comment in the tournament thread immediately after the game with the score result. We will then update the score board
  • The rules and tournament type may change if the situation warrants it. We are still figuring this all out after all.
  • In team matches, voice comms for pc players are mandatory and the Carbonite Discord server is to be used for this purpose. Console players can advise here?
  • Must have a South African bank account or can accept paypal if not (for acceptance of winnings)

Game Settings:
  • Game Mode: Soccar
  • Arena: DFH Stadium (Day) (Teams can choose to play a different arena as long as both teams agree)
  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
  • Mutators: None
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Joinable By: Name/Password
Match Create/Join Procedure
  • The hosting team(indicated on the match page) will host and can choose the starting side
  • The host selects “Play Online” ⇒ select “Create Private Match”
  • The host creates a Name & Password for players to enter and shares it on the match page via the app/website
  • The host's teammates and opposing team select “Play Online” ⇒ select “Join Private Match”
  • Players enter the Name & Password shared by the host
  • After both teams have joined and selected a side, the match will begin.


Rocket League
Rocket League

Participants (11/15)

  • Carbonite Staff
  • WeAreOnlyHereBecauseWeCanPlayTogether
  • Disco Dingoes
  • Plebs
  • Retrokill Gaming
  • Carbonite Casuals
  • Wankerooney
  • Grizzly Gaming
  • Three60 Gaming
  • Three60 Gaming
  • Three60 Gaming