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Xdefiant Releases Tomorrow :)

Playing the game back to back with MW3 you can feel the difference.

My gripes from most frustrating to least.

- Spiderbots are the most annoying thing ever, I can't believe someone thought those were a good idea.
- I've never heard anyone talk in this game. COD makes you feel like part of a team and one side talking kak the whole game amps you up to do better.
- Bunny hopping is king. Sliding is like sliding through mud and even though slide cancelling speeds it up, it doesn't feel fluid.
- Every game is a sweatfest like when I'm in COD versing Diamonds and Crims. I've not had one easy game. Which is weird because I was told the lack of SBMM would make games less sweaty.
- I hardly ever see any console players. Even with input-based matchmaking disabled, my games are full of PC KBM users. I want to destroy some controller kiddies every now and then like in COD but nooo.
- The guns don't feel as satisfying. The sound doesn't have enough depth and the hitmarker sound isn't strong enough.
- It feels like all the emphasis is on mastering the factions, not just a pure gunfight skill game like COD which rewards you for being good (killstreaks). I'd rather abilities be killstreaks earned from getting certain kills.
- No Search and Destroy mode.
- The hitboxes are tiny while COD has hitboxes the size of doors. Frustrating when combined with the high paced movement.
- Too grindy for levelling up guns.

The biggest thing going for it is that it's free and its going to be supported long-term. Obviously people love that instead of paying R1400 for the annual COD.

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