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Windows audio libraries / writing an EQ app.


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Nov 21, 2017
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Pretoria/East London
Long story short, I want to build an arduino controller for controlling volume and certain sound frequencies via some hardware that will be based on arduino (AtMega 32u4, as this is a HID).

I have the arduino side down, but I am fast hitting a brick wall finding any information on how to adjust frequencies in windows via a program or even command line.
This program will need to run as a service in the background, or at a command line level to intercept the commands from the arduino, interpret and output the same command, but to the OS, in a windows friendly way(I am assuming C/C# will be used here?)
It would not require a GUI.
I am aiming to do this in a C based programming language, as I understand C and the fundamentals of C++, would also be an interesting project for me to expand my knowledge, as I am currently studying Comp Sci and GIS.

If anyone has any info that could help with the frequency adjustment in windows, or an app that I can directly link to using the arduino, that would be great!

I suspect I am in for a large amount of reading and copious quantities of coffee😂 ?

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