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[Sale] Various Steam games


Cannon Fodder
Rating - 100%
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Item: Steam Keys
Age: N/A
Warranty: Not really
Packaging: Digital
Condition: Mint
Location: Centurion
Reason: Not going to play them
Shipping: Email or something
Collection: Can you open emails?
Price: Make me an offer, like R80 or something

Got the following available:

Tomb Raider 2013
Quantum Break
Sleeping Dogs Definitive edition
Cursed Castilla EX
Way of the passive fist
Crescent Bay
H1Z1 + Trickster Crate
The Sexy Brutale
Dead Rising 2
The Elder Scrolls Legends 2x Card packs

EDIT: adding a few more

Laser League
Mafia 3 + Sign of the Times
Lara Croft GO
Aviary Attorney

Shoot me a PM if you want anything, prices go down the more you buy.
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