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[Survival / Management] Oxygen Not Included


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Apr 28, 2010
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Pretoria / Centurion
So I got really into Don't Starve Together, and so ended up buying Klei's "Survival Bundle". It came with simple little game called Oxygen Not Included that is still in its early access stage.
I've always been a sucker for simulation / management games, so felt that it was worth the purchase even if I only played for a couple hours or.

Well, after over 60 hours this month, I can absolutely say it has been a fantastic purchase.

The amount of detail that has gone into this game to give the player the sense that everything is almost scientific is incredible. As an engineer, I really appreciate the consistency of mass and energy balances that this game brings in. Making almost realistically thought out cooling and heating loops, power grids, material selections, etc, really engages your brain into thinking of how best to approach your unique ONI problem. And yet, it's silly and fun enough to not take itself too seriously. It also leans towards the Factorio side of things with automation of everything being an option, but it's not at all necessary - I've seen some stupid crazy build on YouTube though where people really think out their conservation and energy losses a little too much.

The official release date is 28 July, but in its current state it is very playable.

Anyone else found and spent time on this gem?

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