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[For Sale] Selling my massive Nintendo Switch collection, worth R35 500, at a massive reduction. Very good condition.

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May 14, 2020
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NB NB NB NB: This is an outdated post and I plan on reporting it now. I remade the post with better prices and less words just now. Go read that. Ignore this.

Item: My Nintendo switch collection
Age: 4 years
Price: Starts at R12 000 up to R30 000 (Negotiable)
Payment Method Accepted: Instant EFT
Warranty: No
Packaging: Comes with carry case
Condition: Refurbished, very good condition on all items
Location: Pretoria
Shipping: Highly unlikely unless you convince me
Collection: Pretoria East area



Hi. So as the title indicates I've been a massive Nintendo Fanboy over the years, and as such I have systematically spent far more money on this device than is reasonable. I'm situated in Pretoria east


Luckily, aside from my purchasing habits, I am quite reasonable myself as I won't be selling this for R35 500 (That is just what all of this costs 2nd hand or on special. If you were to buy all this brand new, it would be roughly R47 000).

I'm aiming somewhere around R30 000 for all things together, but there are some strings attached that I'll allow you to negotiate around. I'm willing to divide the items into "bundles".

As you'll likely notice after reviewing my account, I'm new to the site. My brother did a lot of trading here to build his PC, and I have friends who frequently came here. Since my sale is quite unorthodox, I thought I'd give it a shot since I've heard nothing but good news about the people on carbonite.

I feel this deal is perfect for a dad who wants to spoil his kid(s) senseless for Christmas, a small-time business owner seeking to capitalize on the coming Christmas, or someone interested in hacking a switch (As this is the original model with the old CPU, in very good condition.)

My post format will be unorthodox owing to the nature and size of the sale. This will be my format: First I explain my situation and the condition of the device, then I will list all the items included along with their prices, and then I will give my "security rules" which are unfortunately necessary owing to the quantities of money involved.

I intend to try and sell it all to one guy, yet if the offers are good I'll be willing to split it around a little bit. (As in, someone gets the online account, someone gets the console bundle, and someone else takes a bunch of games.) In other words... I don't want to perform a hundred sales with this post. I'm aiming for 2 or 3 max sales depending on how this goes.

Ideally, I want one keen spirit with an eye for value and a deep pocket.​

The situation of the sale and device condition:

I'm a lower-level tech buff, so my understanding of IT is rudimentary yet present. For some reason, I channeled much of this energy into my Nintendo Switch. I've taken better care of this device than some people do of their children and I've personally replaced several of its parts as they wore down over the years. The device was always kept in its bag and I monitored its battery levels religiously to ensure it never fully depleted yet never remained full or empty for extended periods. I even did the same with the Joy-Cons. Hell, I even avoided playing it in warm weather to prevent the cooling fan from being taxed.

Ultimately, I'd classify the condition of the device as "good as new" as my efforts in refurbishing and maintaining it were quite successful. The battery doesn't feel like it aged and I'd say it can still reach the original 2 to 6 hours of function. This can also be replaced in the long run if it fails, a new one costs roughly R400 if this one ever fails you. I recently played Skyrim for about 3 hours before it started complaining, which was always the usual time. It was charged about 92% at the time so I feel it still reflects the battery life accurately.

In essence, this device and everything I'm selling is in very good condition. (With the exception of the large carry case, which has some slight wear and tear). The Joy-Cons have some slight sweat rings around the buttons, but these are barely visible and I intend to remove them using isopropyl alcohol before purchase.

The device was purchased in 2019. Most accessories were purchased in the same year or 2020.

I also performed a few key upgrades:

-The rail holding clips in the grey joy cons were replaced with metallic ones, preventing long-term wear and allowing them to still hold the switch stably when inserted. I have more metallic clips for the other yellow Joy-con pair yet avoided their insertion as the procedure was a bit too high effort for a pair I only ever let my friends use. You may have these clips if you wish to insert them yourself yet I made sure to avoid wearing out the yellow Joy con clips by keeping the buttons depressed whenever possible during insertion.
- I placed pads under the joysticks of all joy cons, thereby removing the common stick drift issue. It works quite well and seems like a stable fix. I'd say all Joy Con's had their sticks replaced about twice prior to this procedure. None of them drift now and I suspect they never will.
-I used tempered glass for the screen cover as it is more resistant to scratching than the usual plastic screen protectors. I have a spare glass replacement kit that is included. The screen is therefore in mint condition.

My long-term plan was to hack the device and turn it into a retro-gaming device filled with all sorts of old Nintendo, PSP, DS, Xbox games. This is quite possible since this is the original switch model that still has the old processor, which is easily hackable with an online kit. I'd recommend reading up on this if you intend to do the same, as there is a rabid hole and Nintendo has been making some sinister plans against it. Nonetheless, still possible.

Sadly... Those plans won't be achieved as I'm a postgrad student situated near Hatfield who may need the money in the long run. I'm not pressed for cash now, yet I will be a year from now. Hence the sale of my beloved Switch.

Lastly, I have an utterly massive online account collection. It has about 26 AAA games and 35 Indie games and I estimate that it cost me about R26 000 over the years. Of course... I don't expect you to pay full price for this and have already decided to heavily reduce the price. Nintendo has some evil rules regarding the sale of online accounts, so I'd prefer to sell the account as part of the broader switch bundle in order to avoid an extra downstream hassle and make the account more convenient to use with the switch (As I won't have to undergo efforts of unlinking the account from my switch and helping someone else link it to theirs in the future).

Collection Contents and Prices

I won't be including the online account game list under my contents section in full, as it would take forever to type out all the games. I will give the list once we're deeper into negotiations and you seem serious, yet for now here are some choice games found on my Nintendo account. As mentioned, the account is estimated at 26K value yet I've allowed plenty of negotiation room for you

Some account games:
-All the Borderlands games and DLC (except 3 and up)
-Skyrim with all DLC
-Splatoon 2
-Assasins creed: black flag (as well as the rest in the rebel collection)
-Worms W.M.D.
-Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2
-Mario Kart 8
-Monster hunter generations ultimate
-XCOM 2 collection
-Civilization VI
-Bayonetta 1
-The long journey home
-Final Fantasy X/X-2
-Metro Last light
-Rayman Legends definitive edition
-Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2
-Hollow knight

I'll allow you to inspect the list if negotiations are going well.

Now for the physical stuff. I'd prefer to sell these in bundles or all to one person.

I use the following format:
Item: (second-hand price|my price)

In other words, the second price in the bracket is the actual price, I'm just reminding you how good the deal actually is. This is a major markdown.

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but obviously if you only want one of the bundles and I end up being forced to split this sale up among a few buyers, then I'll expect to raise the price more towards what is traditionally asked for on the 2nd hand market (The first price). In other words, the second price listed under "my price" is more applicable to those seeking to buy it all or those willing to take on the online account as well.

Games (Physical):
-Diablo III Eternal collection (R850|R700)
-Doom 2016 release (R1050|R1000) Note: This is almost impossible to get now, so the price drop is low. This is a rare item.
-Monster Hunter Rise (R980|R750)
-Spyro Reignited trilogy (R300|R150) Note: Sadly cartridge only has 1st game, the rest is on my account, thus the low price.
-Donkey Kong tropical freeze (R1000|R800)
-Super Smash Bros Ultimate (R1000|R800) Note: this comes with a steel case as it was the release edition
-Bayonetta 2 (R450|R200) Note: Similar to Spyro, game 1 is on my account
-Zelda breath of the wild (R1200|R1000)
-Starlink Battle for Atlas (R600|R400) Note: This was a special edition and came with a unique controller as well as toys that interact with the joy-con radio sensors. Rather useless yet makes a good display item, paperweight, or child's toy


Physical games bundle total = (R7430|R5800)

Console bundle:
-Large hard cover carry bag by Smatree: (R350|R250) Note: The bag did its job of taking all my switch accessories and items and protecting it, and therefore does have some scuff marks. Still looks good tho... Condition = used
-Smaller hard cover switch case: (R300|R200) Note: designed to fit into the larger case, can fit a few games as well as extra battery or joycon in addition to the switch itself. Very good condition
-Sandisk Ultra 400GB A1 XC1 micro SD card (R800|R700)
-Joy-con pair (left and right) Neon Yellow (R1500|R1200)
-Tempered glass screen protector kit (One on screen + one spare) (R100|R50)
-Nintendo Switch with grey joy cons (R5000|R4500)

Note: as mentioned, the joy cons were all upgraded to remove drift and the grey ones have metal clips to negate wear and tear when sliding into the switch/controller. It also comes with two controller attachments and a white USB-C cable so that one controller can charge while playing. I'm throwing all this in free. Everything that I got in the original box is a part of this bundle.

Console bundle total = (R8050|R6900)

Total for both bundles together (games and console) = (R15 480|R12 700)

In other words... Buying all this stuff second-hand now will cost you roughly R15 480, but I'm selling for R12 700.

As mentioned, selling the Nintendo account along with the console is a major goal for this sale. Thus, whoever is willing to throw in extra money for it has most of my interest.

As mentioned, the grand goal is to get as close to 30K as possible, but I'll compromise depending on how many of my needs are met. I'll discuss this all next:

Security rules and constraints

I recently had the pleasure of trying to sell a fridge on Facebook marketplace, and it was an experience so shit that I've relegated that whole f-kup to plan E if carbonite and others don't work out. It did however teach me many valuable lessons on how criminals and scam artists operate, and as such I will apply the following rules during this sale. Especially given the quantities of money involved and the value/rarity of the items I'm selling. (That actually wasn't a joke. Good luck finding the original and hackable switch nowadays, especially in the condition I'm offering.)

- I will only accept an immediate EFT payment. You can approach this however you want, but at the end of the day if I don't see the money in my account I won't open the gate and hand over anything. Proof of payment is worthless to me. An SMS from the bank is worthless to me. A bank-certified statement declaring anything holds the same value as used toilet paper in my eyes.

Since you will know where I live at that point; I feel it is fair of me to expect this because if I try to cheat you then you can call the cops to my doorstep.

The only way anything gets given is when I open my ABSA app and physically see the money in my account. Then we can open the gate and the handover can occur. Come preferably alone for this. I will have friends nearby during the handover. If you wish to inspect prior to purchase then you should come alone and discuss it with me first. If your bank has a 2-day delay, soz, come back in 3.

-During the handover, I will likely request the security guards of the estate where I live to be present as a stand-off. Especially if you decide to pay with cash. We are situated in the Pretoria east area within an enclosed estate. You will likely meet here or at least within the confines of the estate (perhaps one of the nearby parks. The guards will likely still be present.)

-If you want to try and meet somewhere other than my home, then cash won't be an option. In addition. I will bring a few friends and we will meet in a public place of my choosing. You will not know where this is until the morning of the handover. The switch or games won't be with me until I give the okay to someone else that you don't seem up to something and the money is in my account. Similar to what I mentioned previously, only an instant EFT is an option. If you "accidentally" send me money that will take 2 days we can discuss it further at the nearest police station.

-I am flexible in approaching these rules as I understand everyone has different requirements. Yet regardless of what we decide, you will be vetted. That means I will check up on your social media or business credentials to ensure you are "real". You may do the same to me I don't care. When all is said and done, we won't talk further if your accounts appear remotely fake/new.

I understand these rules are a hassle especially since I likely have a low "user score", but I'm an honest man and I have no interest in shenanigans. Whoever can meet most of these rules (and takes the Nintendo account) has the most bargaining power with me. If you try to pressure me or seem like a scammer I'll react accordingly.

Ideally, this deal is available to anyone in Gauteng, especially those willing to take a trip to the Pretoria East area.

EDIT: I understand the face-to-face aspect of the deal sucks. I'm willing to try shipping, however, I'll still expect payment upfront, and that you're patient with me as I've never tried my hand at shipping things before.

EDIT: Even though I laid down a bunch of rules, I am flexible and understand a need exists to inspect the wares first. We can do this over a video call or make arrangements to have you come and look.
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@Generaljojo you need to add links for the products you are selling. Your essay is too long for people to read and sift through. Add the links to help your sale.
Hey, I considered adding links originally yet found them meaningless as most people should be able to see what I'm talking about. It is however true that there is a lot of content, hopefully the initial use of standard format helps ease people into what this is all about and I also uploaded some pictures to make it clear at a glance what I'm selling
Tip 2: You can imbed photos. Take some pics. It will help your sale.
Thank you so much for this. I added some pics now via imgur, yet noticed I can't upload a "lot" of pictures. Is there a picture limit from Imgurs' end or is there an issue on carbonites' end?
Thank you so much for this. I added some pics now via imgur, yet noticed I can't upload a "lot" of pictures. Is there a picture limit from Imgurs' end or is there an issue on carbonites' end?
Just create 2 posts on imgur and post them then
Depends on how well this one goes
It's certainly gained attention.

In all honesty though, there is so much information it's hard to tell what actually is being sold.
It might be worth having it setup on a Google sheet. Like how the peeps have their immigration sales.
If you need help finding one DM me and I'll link to one.

The next person who negatively interferes here will get a month's ban, this is the 4th time this thread has been reported.

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