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[Feeler] Radiant Portable Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Rating - 100%
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I have recently acquired a large amount of Radiant Portable LED 10w Lights. I am wishing to sell on carbonite but is a feeler for now as I need a Reseller subscription. If their is enough interest I will purchase this subscription for the reselling of these Portable Lights.
Radiant Rechargeable LED Flood Light (Black Units Only)
Age: Brand new
Price: R300
Warranty: 7 Days Guarantee. Will double check on the 2 year warrant, but in the mean time its a no
Packaging: Complete, sealed
Condition: 100% Working
Location: Boksburg
Shipping: Yes. Cost and risk on you and after payment clears.
Collection: Defiantly
Link: LS780R - Rechargeable LED Flood-Alumimium-10w outdoor Energy saving

Cordless & Rapid Charge​
6000K Day Light​
Durable Aluminum Light Housing​
Indoor and Outdoor Use​
10w High Power LED​
IP65 Waterproof​
230v/`12 Charging​
3 Hours Charge Time​
500 Lumens​

Fast Charge 12V DC Car Charger​
230V AC VDE Approved Plug Pack Charger​
Led Light (With handle Attached)​
Aluminum Stand​



VIP Supporter
Rating - 100%
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Hey buddy, I'm not sure about this so check with a mod but if I recall one can sell new items once every 6 months. I'm not sure about the quantity limit but if you aren't gonna sell anything new after this....