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Motorcycle Levers

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Good day peepoles

My KTM 1290 SuperDukeR has really fugly levers and I would like to change them.
KTM do sell levers in their "Powerparts" catalog but at R2.5K per lever.... I don't want to spend that much just on levers.
I recently Spent R1k for a set of levers that were fitted to a 2018 GSX-S1000. Why Can't I get a set for R1.5K-R2k?
I have looked and many places have told me they don't have levers for the bike.

Does anyone anywhere have an Idea where and how I could possibly get some in this country without buying them from KTM?
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Can Try Biking Accessories as well. They are right next to Race Prep
Race Prep's number doesn't exist apparently. Biking accessories didn't have :'(
I don't think anyone but KTM have levers for the 2017-2018 SuperDuke R :'( much sadness.
R5.6k for levers?..... no, I'll live with the ugly ones then.
I will continue to look for some cheaper ones.
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You can try to order online from some places.

This is when you find out exactly how USELESS!!!!!! the Motorcycle industry is in terms of accessories. If they do not have go somewhere else.

I imported mine and it cost me about R1.2k for the pair including shipping and VAT etc. however they were not a 100% fit.

GPS4Africa has very good service I found and was the only ones that actually tried to help me.

Evotech and Rottweiler has some nice stuff for the KTM and do fit the KTM Superduke very nicely and do ship to SA via DHL and not Post office,
EP KTM 1290 Superduke Folding Clutch and Brake Lever Set 2013+
CRG RC2 Adjustable Levers
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You can also look on the chinese places like wish and alibaba. Stupid cheap, might just take a while to get here though
Be careful of the chinese knockoffs... there have been cases where they weren't machined correctly and they were dragging the brakes or not releasing properly resulting in issues with the brakes.

Also cases where they didn't fully engage braking even at max adjustment, meaning you suddenly have less stopping power than before.

Some guys buy them and then machine them to match the actual levers...

YMMV and it depends on where you buy them... but be careful.