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Carbonite ARK Server

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VIP Supporter
Hi there is this a cross play server?
What do you mean, there's only one ARK not linked. Or do you mean if you can transfer from another server to here? -- both answers is no :p because this isnt the first time I hosted ARK, and see single player users with admin commands import high level dino and chars they cheated.

Well shit, guess now is as good a time as any to get back into Ark.
Haven't touched this game since the first paid dlc was launched.
Yup! I havent played this whole year actually, think its a good time to give it a go as well :)
I want to get into this to at least experience the game, bought and played 30 minutes of it. Never knew what I was doing and never had will to learn, if someone is willing to show me the ropes I would be keen to give it a try :)