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[Feeler] Golf Clubs/Bag/Accessories

Rating - 100%
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Item: Golf Clubs/Bag/Accessories
Age: Unknown
Condition: Good
Location: Cape Town
Reason: Not a golfer
Shipping: Possibly
Collection: Yes

Apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm actually unsure of the value of what I have. Maybe someone with a better understanding of the prices of these items could enlighten me.

Item list as best as I can describe.

Nicklaus SG-pro: 3 x Irons, 2 x Drivers (Ladies Set?)
Mcgregor: 9 x Irons
Winn Putter
Tiger Shark Putter
Taylor Made 10.5 1 x Driver
Winn DSI: 3 x Driver

Drivers include protective covers.

Two golf bags. One is Affinity? (black) (It's the more elaborate of the two- loads of compartments/cooler etc) while the other is more basic (red).

I'll be sure to post pictures for interested persons. Please contact me if this is your realm of expertise.

Looking to possibly trade for PC hardware or at least get rough price value.