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[For Sale] Gigabyte Q1532 laptop i7 2nd gen , 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD

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Oct 19, 2018
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Item: Gigabyte Q1532, i7 4c8t 2nd gen, 8GB DDR3 RAM in 2 x 4, 256GB SSD new Rogueware
Age: unknown, quite old, been in daily use over the past 2 years
Price: R1700 ONCO
Payment Method Accepted: Cash/EFT
Warranty: N/A
Warranty Holder: N/A
Packaging: Will package securely
Condition: Good working condition, see below
Battery Design Capacity: 5200mah
Battery Current Capacity: N/A generic replacement not giving me details on report down to about 1h45m from 2h30m
Battery Wear/Cycles: N/A
Location: Louis Trichardt
Reason: Upgraded
Shipping: Yes
Collection: Yes
Link: Q1532N Key Features | Laptop - GIGABYTE South Africa

NOTE: CPU did not come with the laptop, I found it in a pile of scrapped boards and installed it, it is a 45watt CPU and currently limited to 80% max fequency to keep it from cooking my lap. laptops cooler is designed for 35watt TDP, I do have some other old laptops with i5 2c4t CPUs if that would be a better option of CPU for the buyer. Never had an issue so far. It also comes with a 2nd battery that lasts an aditional 40min or so. Unfortunately the chargers pin bent and needs to be fixed in a certain position to charge the battery, I do not have a spare and would best be replaced, lucky they are cheap for a good one on takealot. Hinge covers have been missing since I got it but the unit is very solid, only one corner is loose because my SO tripped over the charger and it fell on the corner. TBH the thing is built like a tank, charger even survived the house flooding, just sadly not my fiance.

Can contact me for pics etc.

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