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Enthoo mATX Custom Build - I want your ideas!


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Mar 14, 2017
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Drummond, Durban
Hey everyone,

So aside from my main rig (See sig.) which I am going crazy with right now (Full loop coming soon - Watch for a show-off thread!); I have also received a really great little mATX PC from [MENTION=23822]sal12345[/MENTION] (Great guy btw) (Check HERE for specs). An extra 8GB of RAM is on the way too as well as two 500GB HDDs. This PC is going to be used as a work machine for my 3D printing business, my design studies and the IT work that I do for my father's company.

But this case is just beautifully designed and it would really be a shame not to show it off so I have decided that it is going to be my "custom" case - Mainly because almost of all my main rig's components still have warranty, not so good for custom builds. I do like the gunmetal grey (more of a pale blue really) of the case but I have 0 issue spray painting it for a custom colour.

Here is what I was thinking:
- 3D printed goodies:
- RAM covers (I need advice on this, my plastic can withstand up to 90deg; do you think it would survive?)
- A whole MOBO cover (I do not plan on upgrading the Motherboard any time soon so all of these changes are purely cosmetic for now)
- Custom fan guards
- PSU shroud hole cover (It looks great to see my PSU but I am thinking of doing a custom piece to cover the hole up with something awesome looking.)

- CPU custom loop (240mm rad, 110 res/pump combo, 10/16mm tubing)

- RGB LED strips in the following places:
- Behind radiator at the top of the case
- Beneath the case for some underlighting
- Thinking of designing some fan fins that would be clear to create my own RGB fans, which could be interesting!
- Inside the case at the bottom in front of the PSU
- On top of the case but beneath the pop-off hood of the top where your fans would sit.

I would really like your ideas, themes, names and any suggestions are welcome! I am on a tight budget so if I can make it, all the better. The less I have to buy, the happier my wallet is! Colour schemes, layout, designs, GO!

My thoughts were to change all the gunmetal grey alu parts to matt white or matt black (iz nice) but I am open to your ideas! I really like the minimal look so what I like is when things are simple and elegant.
Does anyone know if you can get the tempered glass side panel for this case easily? Because that would be awesome. One note is that I do want to keep the original fans (1 x 140mm and 1 x 200mm Phanteks white) because they are really nice.

Here are some pics of what I have so far, let your imagination run wild!


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