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Cougar Aqua 280 - $90 280mm AIO ;)


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Apr 22, 2010
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Another one from Cougar. Must say I had underestimated this brand and as a result have missed out on some real awesome hardware experiences and alternatives. Not sure how much the price is in SA yet, but for the asking price of $89 (whatever that translates into here), it'll be hard to beat.


Cougar is back and this time it’s with their Aqua 280 AIO unit. Part of a brand-new family of Aqua cooling solutions that span the full gamut from 120 to 360mm Radiator solutions. The 280 and 360mm units tailored for high performance and overclocked systems naturally.

In a market filled with cooling solutions though it remains to be seen how well the Aqua 280 can hold its own. With an aggressive MSRP of $89.99 there aren’t many quality AIOs at this price, let alone 280mm units. So just by virtue of pricing alone Cougar already delivers where its competitors may struggle.

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