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Corsair Virtuoso Ear Cups Replacement Mod


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Nov 16, 2012
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I thought this might be of some value to someone. I purchased a new headset this week (Corsair Virtuoso Wireless) and found that the standard leather ear cups were really not comfortable to wear for long periods. Was used to more cushioning especially if you wear glasses.

Not being able to find a suitable replacement online following happened:

Got a friend to print the below template on his 3D printer

Had these replacement cups I purchased from Aliexpress that I used on my Logitech G633 headphones.

The result:

You can either superglue the printed plastic to the new cups, I just inserted them over as it tightens enough so it doesn't move once clipped in.
Sound in my opinion much better with deeper bass and a hell of a lot more comfortable.

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