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Press Release Cooler Master Introduces MM711 & variants of MM710


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Apr 22, 2010
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The lightweight MM710 and MM711 allows for longer gaming sessions and quicker movements, with minimal fatigue and reduced wrist strain. The MM710 and MM711 (minus cable) weighs approximately 53g and 60g respectively, thanks to a durable perforated honeycomb shell — making them among the lightest gaming mice with top-of-the-line sensors on the market today. This drastically reduced weight works in conjunction with other premium features to enhance users gaming experience: a specially designed ultralight braided cable for minimal interference, PTFE feet for glide found only in aftermarket modifications, and an internal PCBA that is dust- and water resistant for improved durability. Standard pro-grade features round out the complete package: an adjustable 16000 DPI Pixart optical sensor, Omron mouse switches, and ambidextrous ergonomic design.

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