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[Feeler] Complete gaming tower - RTX2080Ti

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Oct 11, 2015
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Item: Gaming PC for sale
Age: various
Price: R22 000
Payment Method Accepted: EFT
Warranty: No
Warranty Holder: Personal
Packaging: No
Condition: Good
Location: Alberton
Reason: Upgrade
Shipping: No preferred
Collection: Yes please
Link: Will add later, this is just a feeler for now

So here are the specs, I'm thinking of getting an upgrade, but it depends on how much I get for my current pc.
I'll add links tomorrow and make this an official sale if you guys think I can get R22 000 (Or more would be great but I think this is round about where the price should be.. I hope).

Here are the specs
MOBO: X570A Pro
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X - 8 Core - 16 Threads
GPU: Asus rog strix 2080Ti - 11gb
Ram: 32 gigs (2667mhz) (4 x 8gb modules)
PSU: GX 750W
Case: Coolermaster haf 912
HDD1: 1tb nvme
HDD2: 1tb ssd
HDD3: 2tb mechanical (I think I'll keep this because it's like 10 years old and It's got all my crap on it, so if it's a deal breaker I'll let it go, else this I'll keep)

Age varies for each component.. The cpu, mobo and ram were an upgrade around 3-4 years ago, the hard drives are newer (except my mechanical).. The case is very old but works fine.
I don't have any of the original packaging except for the graphics card, I got that from a carbie recently so I've still got that packaging.

Let me know if you guys think I can get my asking price (or in this ball park).. I'm looking to upgrade and if I can get this price I'll be adding extra for an upgrade.

If you guys think this is fair then tomorrow i'll sit, upload images onto google drive and try getting exact links to everything, for now this is just a feeler.

Thanks fellow carbies..

considering 20k.. But needs to go fairly quickly if possible. Any thoughts?
btw, this is slightly neg. Let me know, it's a beast of a pc and runs everything I play on max in 2k..

I might not get an offer quick enough before the upgrade I want sells out. If that happens then I'll retract sale.

Let me know if anyone interested.

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