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Codemasters Sale on Steam – Up to 90% Off

Codemasters is having a sale on Steam of up to 90% off of the recommended retail prices. Games covered by the discount include the F1 franchise, Dirt franchise, Overlord, Operation Flashpoint, Grid 2, and many more.

For the most part, discounts vary between 40% and 75% with Maelstrom peaking all the way at 90%.

Some discounts worth mentioning are Colin McRae Rally (2014) discounted 80% to R 15.20, Hospital Tycoon discounted 75% to R 13.75, F1 2017 discounted 75% to R 147.20, and Dirt 4 discounted 75% to R 147.25. If you’re looking for a newer F1 game, F1 2018 is on the smaller side of the discounts but still a very nice saving at R 197.40, down from R 329.00

Head over to the Steam Store to start adding to your collection today.