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[Sale] Casio CTK-591 midi piano and stand R1800

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Oct 2, 2013
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CapeTown, Southern Suburbs
Item: Casio CTK-591 digital piano midi
Age: Number of years. Don't know exact age. I think it was bought around 2016
Price: R1800 for stand and piano
Warranty: Will give 7 days on me against the piano.
Packaging: No packaging. But I have tons of boxes so if for some reason you want to ship this. Not sure why you would want to (although it is very light so shipping might not be too bad)
Condition: Great. Probably some minor scratches here and there. But has been very well looked after over the years
Location: Cape town Southern Suburbs
Reason: No longer have the time or space
Shipping: preferably not but if you really want to ship it. Cost and risk on you
Collection: Absolutely.

link to the manual: Sound Programming
I can print out the bulk of the main important stuff if you want.

It's a really good beginner keyboard. Has a TON of built in functions for various piano types to synths, drums and orchestras.
Also has learning features, mic in etc etc etc.
About as fully featured as you would want.

Comes with a power brick. The plastic on the power brick is cracked (I think a family member stepped on it). But the power brick does still work. I do suggest maybe replacing it at some point even though it hasn't given me issues.
Apparently you can also battery power it for on the go pianoing...if thats even a word lol. I beleive it takes 6 D cells. You can probably modify that to lithium.
But I have never used the feature tbh.

I also have an quick fold stand for the piano as seen in the pictures. Has single latch mechnisim. Pull the level for full rotation, pop it back to lock into tons of different heights. Metal toothed interlocking disks.
Take the piano and get the stand free.
I remember it costing roughly around there and comparable ones seem to be around 1000-2000 right now.
It's in excellent condition, some scuffing on the rubber where it sits on the ground, but basically other than that it could look near new. No rust etc.

Slightly negotiable on price for both stand and piano together.

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