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BINANCE exchange now(officially) live in SA


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Feb 1, 2016
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Hey all,

Signing up is super quick and getting yourself verified is a breeze! I have been using the exchange now for the last month or so but the official SA/ZAR launch is today.

Now for the good stuff: https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-u...-Fiat-On-Ramp-for-the-South-African-Rand-ZAR-

Article says it all better than I can :) But in short you can fund your Binance account which is a Standard Bank account from your bank account. Best thing is if you want your funds in instantly for example you can use instant pay from a number of the banks (I used FNB and it reflected on Binance within 15-20 minutes).

Current trading pairs that are available are: BTC/ZAR, BNB/ZAR, ETH/ZAR, USDT/ZAR, and BUSD/ZAR

The volumes are low BUT its literally been live the last 2 hours.

2 Other really cool features and something I haven't seen available on any other SA exchange is the ability to buy on your credit card (IN ZAR - NOT USD/EUR etc!), one option is VISA Now and the other is Simplex. Used both of these as well and worked great! Please note there are obviously fees involved here as with any other exchange that offers this feature but you are buying in ZAR not USD. So when things heat up and you want in on the action and an EFT might be to slow this is definitely an option. (Also if it wasn't obvious this will also give you CC rewards as its CC spend so enjoy them ebucks/ucount/greenbacks or whatever you get). As an FYI on this point every transaction I did using a CC I needed my FNB OTP for extra security.

VISA Now info:

Simplex Info:

Here are the fees as well: Fee Schedule | Binance which if you are acquainted with other SA exchanges are very competitive.

I am not Binance support just giving my initial experience of the exchange which has been great. If you have questions please reach out to them: Support Center | Binance

Lastly have fun but please note as with any Crypto or trading for that matter there are risks involved so please be careful and do your own research.

Enjoy something fun to try out during lock down and the ability to make something extra potentially!
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