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Support Being Banned again


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May 16, 2014
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Cape Town
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I see that I was banned again :( If I seemed entitled because of the itrader request I sent I apologize.
That is not close to why I sent the request.

As I stated I was happy to receive the bad iTrader as I did communicate badly and it is only fair. But I felt like the iTrader made it seem as if I ran off with deviations money without sending him the system.

All I was asking is if it would be possible for him to put that in. I just think that saying I went AWOL with his money as if I was trying to steal from him is not a reflection of the truth, hence why I put the request in.

I understand me doing it so soon after seeing the iTrader might have come off as entitled, but it honestly wasn't. It's just that I actually do care about my rep on carb.

I have been part of this community since 2014, I have contributed in the modding section, when it had gone quite I was one of the first to get it going again. I have made many friends who I have met in person at places like Rag3, EGESA and other events. To be banned honestly is incredibly sad to me. I may not be as active on here as I once was, but I still love to come and see what the community is up to.

I understand that there has been other bad deal threads made with Leetpro etc. But in that bad deal it was Leetpro at fault not me. He said that money wasn't reflecting the next day he sold the system only for the money to reflect and I had to take the other system he had for sale.

But I never made a big issue of it, and kept my cool. I did not come on carb to make enemies. I joined because of my passion for tech, and the fact that carb had a reputation as a great community. I even previously dealt with Ageless with him even calling me an epic gent and saying thanks for having patience after a parcel he shipped me took long to arrive, I never complained.

To be honest I do feel like I have been treated unfairly, and I will say that much.
But more than anything else I am just sad at the way this all turned out.

@Ageless_ZA going ahead and calling me an entitled c*nt really was really not something I expected of you. If you guys thought that I was being entitled you could just have sent me a message saying we are not going to ask him to change his iTrader. I would of understood, but to ban me without even asking why I posted the iTrader request, or taking into consideration the fact that it might not be reflecting the whole deal seems extremely harsh to me.

But I guess this is it.

I loved being part of this community while I was here, and truly hope that it keeps growing and only wish you guys success for the future.

Martin le Roux

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