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Apr 23, 2017
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Hi peeps.

I absolutely love playing the BattleTech tabletop game, but the amount of people that have even heard of it are few and far between, so besides one of my buddies, there is essentially no one to play against.
So this is an attempt to raise some awareness and give people the chance to try summing a bit different:

Here's a brief overview

Primer Link

I'm considering hosting a few games in Pretoria East, where people can come together and demo the game a bit, and maybe get a community started.
I currently have the Starter Set, A Game Of Armored Combat, several rulebooks and campaigns, as well as moderate collection (+-50) of 'mechs as well as the record sheets for them.
I'm printing more as I get chance to paint them (One can use essentially anything for your mini, as long as you've got a legal copy of the record sheet)
Then I have the Star Colonel level package of the Clan Invasion set coming in March 2020, which will add another 70 'mechs to the fold, along with new maps and rules.
Depending on reception I'll start printing terrain elements and new maps as need be to keep things fresh.
I'm also working on a web based companion app to do all the annoying math and keep track of the game, but this is currently in early days of development.

So anyone interested doesn't even need to invest a cent in the game to play it (unless you want your own books and sheets).
I've got a couple of cool ideas for campaigns and tournaments, but these will be further down the line.

What do you guys think?

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