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Assetto Corsa Servers (MEW)


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Jan 7, 2013
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I've been hosting championships for the past year or so for about a dozen guys over at MEW.
Servers have been running pretty well and I feel confident enough to open it up to more people.

I've got 3 dedicated servers running with almost 24/7 uptime (Racing League server only up on Monday for practice and Tuesday for race day)
We've done 3 full championships so far:
  • Audi vs Porsche cup cars - 40min races
  • GT3's - 1 hour races
  • MX-5's - Corona Cup 1 - 6x10min sprint races per round
  • Currently on Corona Cup Season 2 - 4x15min sprint races per round
We have also done a highly structured 3 hour endurance race with a 20 car grid at Daytona road course. Planning a 2nd one for Dec/Jan.

MEW Racing League
  • This is the main server that I use to host championships. We alternate between a season of semi-serious racing and a fun season, whatever the people want really.
  • We are currently in the middle of a "fun" season aptly named "Corona Cup", where we are racing Lotus Cortina's around various historic and some modern tracks.
  • The Corona Cup is more for banter and fun times, not serious at all. Registration is required to join, if you are interested, please register here
  • Races take place every Tuesday at around 8PM. We do 2x 15min sprint races with the 2nd being a full reverse grid and we do this at 2 tracks per round/evening.
  • No DLC, mostly mods.
  • All content can be downloaded directly through the Content Manager server page.
  • Here are some highlights from one of the races from the previous season >
  • and Highlights from one of our more serious championships >

MEW Trackday
  • Alternates between Black Cat County and Nordschleife Tourist
  • Server is running stracker to keep a persistent leaderboard. It's not required, but you can run ptracker (the client side app) to view the leaderboard in-game
  • DLC content
  • There is no real structure, hop on and put in some lap times. Sometimes a handful of us will cruise around for fun after a league race or whatever.
  • RSS Hybrid 2020 F1 car (paid mod ~R35)
  • This is just a feeler/test server. I eventually want to host a full F1 season, but it depends on interest. There are about 5 or 6 of us willing to commit to a season of F1 in AC.
If you are interesting in joining our ragtag band of racers, please come over to the MEW forums for more info.

Thanks for reading!
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