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ASRock B550 TAICHI Review


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Apr 22, 2010
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Probably the best bang for buck B550 there is.
Feature for feature, there isn't an equivalent $300 from any other vendor. Maybe not the best for B-die overclocking (if you care for that sort of thing) but can't fault it on much that's important.
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It's believe it or not the cheapest from MSI, GIGABYTE & ASUS. Yes you could go BIOSTAR, but you'd not really do that to anyone voluntarily.
Just look at the Read IO on the ROG STRIX-E - $279

This is thew AORUS MASTER also $279

Taichi at $299

I would say ASUS has the worst Rear IO, Gigabyte has the best and ASRock closer to ASUS but better in the middle.
Moreover, the Taichi unlike any other board does x8/x8 splitting of the x16 lanes from the CPU. That has cost implications naturally, it is also the only board with Power, Reset Clear CMOS and Debug LED on the board
The PWM is obviously not as competent as the one on the Gigabyte board, but it is superior to that which was on the X570 Taichi and that's also a $300 board ($296 - Here). It has two additional phases (16) on top of using 60A power stages vs the 14 phase, 50A power stage ICs on the X570.

So as a complete offering, the B550 Taichi is hard to beat. Doesn't stand out in any one category but as a whole, ticks all the boxes other boards simply do not.
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Are you talking about the Biostar RACING B550 boards?

They look like a pretty good deal if they come cheap.
So, is there any place that has local stock of this board yet?
Not yet, their distributor has yet to bring these in, Maybe they are reluctant because of the presence of the X570 Taichi, which would I think not be worth selling when the B550 model is for the most part better in every way.
Also keep checking Wootware, they are 2nd disti for ASRock I think.

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