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Architecture Job For Girlfriend

Rating - 100%
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Hey guys

so my girlfriend has been looking for a job in Architecture as she needs one years work experience to qualify for honors and masters.

Position Wanted: Junior Interior Architect
Employment type: Anything at this point
Salary: Shes a junior , not too fussy to be real
Starting Date: Immediately
Location: Kempton Park , East rand, has own car and can drive.
Job experience/skill:
Qualifications: BSC Int Arch - Tuks, Project management, She will also be furthering her project management this year.

Almost nothing, needs experience to even be considered for acceptance for Honors and Masters. As in her campus , they now make it almost impossible to get in for Honors as they believe students need some real life exposure to the job. I think this is fantastic! The problem comes in when there is a lack of available positions and finding a job is not proving easy especially considering , she right now more than anything just needs experience in real world scenarios.

Please let me know if you can assist.

Thanks guys