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Review A noob review of the Wootbook Pro


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Sep 29, 2014
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I don't usually do this, but since I've dealt with numerous retailers in Dec after upgrading my PC and buying a new laptop (for work) I just want to thank @Wootware Computers for their excellent service

Among other things I bought the Wootbook Pro from Wootware and here is my limited review (limited because I'm a noob at reviews).

1. A BIG thank you for preinstalling the OS for me even tho I did not select that option. Why mention this? Cause I had an extra Windows 10 key and decided to save R2000 rather and just install the OS myself and use my key I had, but they saved me a few hours and did all this for me all I had to do was activate my key.

2. Build quality is far better than what I expected, the matte finish is also really nice. My previous laptop had fingerprints all over, I have to carry my laptop quite a bit at work for meetings and code/design sessions, I'm super picky with how my gear looks like in general and I would say the Wootbook got my stamp of approval.

3. The laptop is LIGHT, like really, I have to check if the laptop is in my bag before leaving cause I cannot tell the difference (which might just be me, but you get the point) xD

4. Battery power so far is really good, I was able to sit in a 2 hour code review meeting without needing to go fetch my power adapter. That means I had my 30+ Chrome tabs, 2 instances of Intellij, discord, whatsapp, email client and slack open. Which by my standards of battery power was quite refreshing.

5. It's nice to have so many options of configuration for the Wootbook, it made my life easy. I was able to configure the laptop to my needs and requirements.

6. I don't know how to review keyboards or touchpads, but I did not get annoyed using them when I had to, also RGB. My only negative about this would be is that I miss my "Enter" key next to my numpad, for some reason I use that a lot.

7. In general I do not like 15" display on laptops, although I have gotten used to it after a month I'd still take a 17" variant any day. If Wootware offer this variant it would be really AMAZING.

8. If I'm doing intensive processing work on my laptop the fan starts to boost and makes a bit of noise (I can probably change this in the BIOS have not checked tbh), but this happens so rarely and I barely hear the laptop the rest of the time.

9. I would say the Wootbook Pro is real value for money and here is why, my requirements for a laptop was the following: i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, low-end GPU like GTX 1650 and Windows 10 Pro. In my search for laptops in November, I found 1 laptop under R18500 for those specs, the rest ranged from R18500-R20000. The Wootbook worked out R15500 shipping included, considering I also took a 2nd power adapter (one for work and one for home).

10. Nothing I just wanted 10 points :p If you actually read this far, have a nice day :)

Wootbooks: Wootbooks, The Ultimate Mobile Powerhouse - Wootware


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Jan 9, 2019
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I have been using the 2070 variant for around 6 months and it's been really awesome. The price for specs you get can't be beaten and the build quality is really good.

A few suggestions from my side for @Wootware Computers on the WootBook:
1. The power cable at the back is a bit awkward vs the standard side plug in
2. An additional USB port would be great
3. Speakers aren't too great.

Overall it really is amazing what they fitted into this beast of a laptop especially for how compact and lightweight it is.


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Apr 7, 2012
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Pretoria, Mountain View
These wootbooks look fantastic, been thinking of replacing my MSI laptop with one of these

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