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Feb 29, 2024
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South Africa
Has anyone ever used techina to purchase something.

Please share your experience, merely asking to ensure that shopping here is safe and legit.
Facebook account since oct '23, no physical address, whatsapp only number, domain registered oct '23 as well
Only place you can find any reviews for them is on their website. No hellopeter, no facebook, no google.

I wouldn't touch it.
That scares me.

  • A Google search for them has this very thread on page 1 of the search results
  • Their domain was registered 5 months ago
  • Somehow their Facebook page is more than 5 years old, but its first post was 5 months ago. There are less than 20 likes/followers and no reviews
  • No reviews on Google or Hello Peter
  • Their refund policy is laughably short and mentions nothing about refunds or exchanges after 7 days (sounds like 7 day warranties?)
  • Their terms of service is a template and contains "[LINK TO REFUND POLICY]" etc, meaning they likely don't even know their own terms
  • No company registration number as required by the CPA
  • No physical address as required by the ECTA
  • The five testimonials are controlled by them using Testimonial Master. Testimonial Master allows users to submit reviews, but there is no option to do so via their website which leads to the conclusion that they wrote their own reviews.

I'm going to stop there as I think you get the point. Their logo also makes me think of Absa :p

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