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Jun 10, 2015
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Has anyone dealt with tech.co.za? Are they any good?

Thanks, Grant
Never heard of them.

A whois lookup shows all of their domain info to be redacted.

5 reviews on Hellopeter, all positive.

well they appear to at least has a physical address as their office, with branding on the outside, which is good I guess?
I have bought from them, no issues. Though went to collect because Im not paying for shipping from one side of Centurion to the other
Thanks guys. Is there a better place to put this thread?
Their pricing seems decent but that's worth little if the service sucks.
How did your purchase with them go? Maybe we can start a thread of reviews after I buy from them to help others like us
From previous EXP from small Companies .....EG PcLink and a few others that only survived for few years or less and then ending in so much BS and Hassle to try and get warrenties to be covered I would se be very careful depending on what you buy and if you expect to "have" as well as "keep" a warrenty . Also keep in mind some of these small companies are the .COM just opening and importing stock to the CO.ZA so in some cases they might revert back to the .COM for some orders so you'll end up waiting months for some orders.

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