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Open source project ideas


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Sep 11, 2015
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Hi all, I'm itching to start working on a decently sized open source project of my own, but I'm not sure what it should be.

I'd like to be an open source alternative to a piece of software that you would normally only find in a business/ corporate world.

The software shouldn't have any (or any decent) open source alternatives.

As a example, one of the suggestions that I received and am considering is payroll management software.

Thank you for reading. All suggestions are appreciated.
You gonna have to get pretty creative for corporate. Your example is already covered: Open Source Payroll Management Software System | Open HRMS

Maybe look at developing a whole pipeline, for example: a web framework that parses a directory of excel spreadsheets into "card" like graphs.

Whats your development background?

I didn't look too far into it. I guess they have payroll covered.

My background is mostly in .Net web application development for the financial sector.
My two cents:

Maybe start with something smaller, a utility or tool of some sort, which can be used by other developers. As someone mentioned there already is an open source payroll implementation - but let's say there was not, that will be a BIG undertaking. Not to kill your aspirations, but to stay motivated on that for an extended period of time, will be difficult. Unless it picks up quickly and other people start getting involved. And be on the lookout for ideas - usually they arise out of a need you see with the work you currently do and not necessarily by "thinking hard" about ideas. The best ideas seem to come when you don't search for them.

But please let us know if you do find something!
Here's a pitch, and you can have this one for free (use it or lose it).

Issue: I have multiple external hard drives with all my photos over the years stored across them, some might be duplicates and most were just dumped and not put into folders or categorised.
I want to consolidate everything onto one drive, preferably on the cloud so I can access them from anywhere and move away from old HDD's.
They can be categorised into folders that make sense like the name of the event or even just categorised by year. Hell even just based on date taken is fine. Some sort of logical order making sure there are no duplicates.

Proposal: It would be nice to have an application that uses AI facial recognition on image files and can tell me which photos are duplicates and perhaps even sort the photos based on date taken or year or even who appears in them, this will solve the issue of me having to look through 100GB+ of images and manually sort them which would take weeks.

I believe some such AI facial recognition is already used by Facebook and Google Photos, so maybe that can be a discovery point.

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