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hybridenergywarehouse.co.za - Scam or not?


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Mar 14, 2011
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Durban, KZN
Scam or not? Their portable power stations are cheap, and I've seen a lot of scam websites pop up advertising on FB. Their domain registration date is like 2 months ago.

Gizzu Hero Pro is like R5k cheaper than most and R3k cheaper than Takealot.
Geewiz 2200W Portable UPS Power Station R6k cheaper than Takealot.

They claim they in Midrand. If I lived in GP, I would go visit them but I'm in CT.

Anyone purchase from them before?

Thanks in advance.
Looks like I got my answer. Its Facebook presence has disappeared and someone reported it as a scam so I can only assume it is then.
Geewiz 2200W Portable UPS Power Station R6k cheaper than Takealot.
I'm guessing they don't have a clue that GeeWiz is a store with their own brand... LOL!

The site was registered two months ago, but this is where it gets weird. Their registration number is Hybrid Solar Energy which has existed since 2018 and is indeed based in Midrand (250 Richard Drive, Halfway, Midrand). I think the people who made the site looked up an existing company and copied the name and registration number, ooooooor... Maybe it's a long scam.

About Us page is empty
Privacy Policy has highlighted text saying it's a template for Shopify sites and refers to "My Store"
Refund Policy mentions the same 250 Richards Drive, but also 6 Asset Road, Hughes, Boksburg
Shipping Policy has an effective date of 1 Jan 2020, but the site was only registered in September this year, it also has non-existent links to eg (link to Return Policy)
Reviews page is empty

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