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Giving iTrader/Feedback on the new forum

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Sep 29, 2014
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Good day members

The process of giving the iTrader is still similar to the old way.

Where to give feedback:

Go to the member's profile > feedback stats > add feedback (button at the bottom of the page) OR
Go to the deal thread, underneath the seller's/buyer's feedback totals will be an option to "Add Feedback"

How to give feedback:
  • You need to select if you are the buyer, seller, or trader
  • You need to select your overall experience, positive, neutral, or negative
  • You need to enter the URL of the deal thread, the link needs to be from the forum.
  • You need to enter a short review.
  • You need to enter a comment (of at least 5 characters long) - but here is the catch see below.

Comment Required Error:
As some of you have noticed you sometimes get an error "Comment Required" even though you entered one.
That is a bug in the software, we will log this bug with the devs and hopefully get it resolved soon.

In the meantime here is the solution:
This is how the comment section will display if you are in BB Code mode, the icons/buttons will be disabled, click on the [ ] icon (toggle BB Code) to change out of BB Code mode

This is how the comment section will display if you are out of the BB Code mode, the icons/buttons will be enabled. You NEED to submit the feedback when you are in this mode otherwise you will get an error.

**Rule to remember, click on the [ ] icon (toggle BBCode button) so that the buttons are enabled, and then enter your comment and submit
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As @Off-The-Chart mentioned a couple of times, remove the WWW part of the url when you are manually inserting the url into the feedback.
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