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[Sale] Gaming Pc, Urgent sale

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Apr 26, 2022
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Cape Town
Hi I'm new to Carbonite but heard this is the best place to sell pc's.
Selling my complete pc box, I wouldn't want to split the items as it's an quite urgent sale and a very good deal imo(If not, please help and tell me).
If there is anything wrong or unclear about my post or Pc, please don't hesitate to ask!

1 x ASUS PRIME B560-PLUS Intel M-ATX Motherboard *
1 x Intel 11th Gen Core i5 11600 Up to 4.8GHz CPU 12 Threads (OEM) *
1 x KLEVV BOLT XR 16GB (16GB x 1) 3600MHz Memory *
2 x Crucial 16GB (8GB x 2) 3400MHz Memory
1 x Gamdias Chione M2-240R All-in-One CPU Liquid cooler (comes with a remote and it connects with the mobo so all the RGB can be synced up) *
1 x 254GB Nvme ssd (Not sure of the make but can look if someone Needs to know, Using as my OS drive)
1 x normal 500gb Hdd
1 x normal 2Tb Hdd
1 x Ati Radeon Rx 580 8Gb MSI Gpu
1 x PSU RX - 530SS 80 Plus Bronze
1 x cd/dvd drive, Havent used it in years, probably still working XD
1 x Huge Raidmax pc case, working Hot swap 2.5' slot and has fan controller buttons and removable airfilters. See through side panel, Will send pictures if needed.

*1 x 1TB NVME ssd, Brand new, still unopened. I bought it with the mobo but it was faulty so evetech exchanged it. haven't opened it. Received it 5 weeks ago. Will sell separate for R1200, payed R1699*

The 4 items marked with * is around 5 months old
Gpu and 256gb nvme, bought them both around 3 years ago
rest 3+ years

Price: R12000

Payment Method Accepted: Cash Preferably

Warranty: Marked items yes

Warranty Holder: Me

Packaging: Everything is in the Pc case

Condition: Extremely good

Location: Cape Town

Reason: Moved to Cpt recently, Need the money

Shipping: at your own risk, Yes

Collection: If you in Cpt, I'll even deliver as I'm new to Carbonite and I know people have trust issues.

Link: Uhmm, Link to all the items online? can probably get it, but I believe google can give you the same XD

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