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[Feeler] BMW + Apple Fanboys Look Here!!


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Nov 9, 2015
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Hey All.

You are able to activate Full Screen Apple CarPlay / Android Auto mirroring on some of the OEM head units installed in your BMW/Mini/Supra models. Its the same activation as would have been carried out by the factory if the option was selected at the time. Its 100% completely safe and does not void any warranty should the car still be under motorplan.

Requirements are as follows :

* 2016 Production date and upwards
* 609 Professional Navigation ( iDrive 4/5/6)
* Wifi Antenna ( Depending on the build spec, some cars have the antenna from factory. Otherwise it can be added with an OEM one from BMW at an extra cost)
* Headunit requires the 2019 software update installed to support full screen apple carplay.

Cost :
License : R2500
Antenna : R500 (only if needed)
Time : From 30 mins to 2 hours ( depending if you need antenna/ software update)

For the cars with the build date of 2019 upwards that have the iDrive 7/8 MGU units you can activate Apple Carplay / Android auto on the OEM head units as well.
Will need to get a cost a requirement on these but it cant be done.

Some pics :
Car 1
Car 2

NOTE : Please send me your complete 17 digit VIN numner so we can verify the build details.

At this point this is a feeler to gauge interest before getting a reseller subscription. Please drop me a PM if you need more details.
Did this as part of a DIY on my M240i, best $$$ I spent.

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