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[Sale] Bartop Arcade - Custom Build (High Quality)

  1. Stellenbosch
  1. Western Cape
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Feb 5, 2014
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Stellenbosch, WC
Item: 2 Player custom built Bartop Arcade (Full Size for Bartop)
Age: 1 year approx
Price: R8500 R7500
Payment Method Accepted: Crypto, EFT, Cash
Warranty: 1 Week on me, but not if shipped, it's heavy and well built, but risky to ship.
Packaging: No, if a buyer wants to ship it I will do my best to package it in a way that will protect it as well as possible.
Condition: As new
Location: Stellenbosch
Reason: I have 2 full size and 1 bartop, not using the bartop at all
Shipping: If you're serious we can make a plan, it's definitely doable
Collection: Preferred
Link: Not available, custom build.

I had a look at the commercial ones and wasn't happy with the build quality and components they use, so I built my own. The spec far exceeds anything I could find commercially.

23" IPS Display
Highest Spec Raspberry Pi 4 with case and fan allowing highest overclock if desired, but it's not needed
Imported Joysticks and buttons (proper ones, not the Chinese fake ones that are sold in SA, no offense, but they're terrible and don't even compare)
Computer speakers (small usb type) integrated in top front with volume control
LED backlit Marquee panel
HDMI audio splitter - the Pi has very poor sound quality via audio jack, HDMI out solves that problem
Custom built MDF chassis, solid and heavy unit
Custom vinyl graphics - Mario / Yoshi themed
T-Moulding edge finish
Running Damaso Nostalgia Trip 128GB Image with 1000's of games