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  1. XtaCy696 | CGSATech

    [Reseller]  CGSATech - For All Your CUD Needs!!!

    Good Morning :D Contact me with what you are looking for, I sell most brands. I will quote you on the items if they are currently in stock. Quotes are valid for the day of quotation as I do not hold stock and get direct from the supplier thus is affected by the ZAR/USD exchange rate. I am...
  2. XtaCy696 | CGSATech

    [Reseller]  OEM & Generic Laptop Batteries

    Item: OEM & Generic Laptop Batteries Age: Brand New Price: To Be Quoted Payment Method Accepted: EFT on invoice Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Holder: CGSATech (Pty) LTD Packaging: Sealed Box Condition: Brand New Location: Cape Town Reason: Reseller Shipping: Can be arranged via TCG Collection: Sure...
  3. XtaCy696 | CGSATech

    [Reseller]  Dont let Eskom steal productivity time!

    Item: Mecer Backup Power Systems Age: Brand New Price: See Adverts Payment Method Accepted: EFT on Invoice Warranty: Full (1 Year - Inverter / 2 Years Battery) Warranty Holder: CGSATech Condition: Brand New Location: Cape Town Reason: Reseller / And to Keep Your Power On ;) Shipping: Can be...
  4. XtaCy696 | CGSATech

    [PIF] CoolerMaster SL600M Silver | Dark Base pro 900 Silver

    Thanks for the oppotunity sir :D Great PIF. Now we wait.
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