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  1. thePridge

    [Sale] Radiant 12V Transformers (90 units available)

    Are these AC or DC output? Couldn't see that on the link.
  2. thePridge

    Business banking

    You'll probably have better luck with a venture capitalist or some investors. With banks you need to prove you don't need a loan to get a loan... sigh.
  3. thePridge

    Bad deal - DrAgOn_Heart

    Half the posts are missing? No juicy details to chew on :-P #saddies.
  4. thePridge

    [Wanted] Escape from Tarkov Acc

    Just note that BSG no longer allows changing the email address associated with the account so you'll either have to be on standby for verification codes whenever needed or turn your email address over to whomever you give/sell the account to (if you do so).
  5. thePridge

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Mmmm... mine is empty so maybe your launcher just crashed/or skipped a beat when it was supposed to delete the files? Definitely going to make the "race to meta" take longer and feeling like it is going to make the beginning part of the game take longer... now you HAVE to work with people...
  6. thePridge

    [Sale] KRK RP8G3 Studio Monitors

    GLWS. Have you tried the various FB groups (not the marketplace) like SAMIS etc?
  7. thePridge

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    GPU farm nerfed in it's chops... lol. Basically not even worth running it.
  8. thePridge

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    The button is greyed out/disabled on the Tarkov/BSG site. I think they added it during this year to stop people from selling accounts.
  9. thePridge

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Yep... I just went in full on like that. I didn't jam no namby pamby offline raids... I just went in... and got punched in the dick. HAHAHA. My first raid I was creeping around factory (I didn't even know factory was chad central) killing whatever moved... I didn't understand you had to...
  10. thePridge

    Escape from Tarkov | Battlestate

    Get onto the Tarkov SA discord. You can find a Sherpa there to help you with stuff.
  11. thePridge

    [Sale] Escape from Tarkov | Standard Edition

    Just an FYI. You'll have to give over your email account to whomever buys it as you cannot change the email address linked to the account (currently). Or else every time they reset the password or log in from another pc they'll have to contact you for the auth codes etc.
  12. thePridge

    PC Link Computers/ Shop #20064

    One would think... However the last time I phoned them I just got an automated message saying "due to covid we have switched off our phone lines, please email ....." After googling and reading the stories I decided not to buy there.
  13. thePridge

    Looking for people to play tarkov with

    Scroll up a bit and you'll find the link for the Tarkov SA discord... second... prepare yourself: LOL. Tarkov is unlike most other FPS games.
  14. thePridge

    Looking for people to play tarkov with

    As a noob you'll get a lot more dead than loot from the marked room... unless you go at night. Shturman, his minions and his stash are a good "loot run". SVDs go for 65k+ on the fleamarket and his lunchbox (common stash) can have some toit gear in. There's a link for the SA Tarkov discord, go...