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  1. NoHumanCodes

    [Trade]  iPhone X 256GB (White) for iPhone SE 2020 256GB

    Item: iPhone X 256 Gb Cash phone: Cash :) Age: 3 years, according to the original owner Price: trade Warranty: No Packaging: Nope Condition: Excellent. A few hair scratches on the back. Will send photos :) Location: Garden Route Reason: Screen too big, battery too small. Shipping: Yes, on us...
  2. NoHumanCodes

    [Trade]  Presonus Eris 5 (MINT) for bigger Near-field Active Studio Monitors + CASH

    Item: Presonus E5 Age: 2 years Price: Trade + CASH Warranty: No Packaging: No, will bubble wrap Condition: MINT Location: GARDEN ROUTE Reason: Wanting bigger speakers, KRK 6" etc for more low end Shipping: Yes Collection: Yes Link: Item Wanted: 6-8 inch Near-field Active Studio Monitors...
  3. NoHumanCodes

    [Sale/Trade]  Stanton DJC 4 to trade for another 4 channel dj controller

    The controller is in excellent condition. The jog wheel just moves a bit in vdj when shoved all the way to the side. It can be replaced, but I put sticky tape to prevent that. I would keep this controller, it's a 4 channel on-the-go awesome board with VDJ LE, but the soundcard is not being...
  4. NoHumanCodes

    LTE Bundle for online work and streaming

    Thanks for the reply, bro! I'll checkout their sites' map coverage too. What are your speeds like? RAINs UNCAPPED is 490pm but says it's 'up to 10mbps' which isn't too fast for LTE
  5. NoHumanCodes


    UPDATE: IT DOES NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THE ONE I LINKED BELOW!!!!!!! IT JUST NEEDS TO POWER ITSELF AND CONNECT TO THRE COMPUTER VIA AUIX EXAMPLES: SUBWOOFER FROM LOGITECH Z607 Item Wanted: sub Packaging Essential: nope Desired Age: any Location: Earth Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes...
  6. NoHumanCodes

    LTE Bundle for online work and streaming

    Haha! I'm in the Garden route - Wilderness and Plett mostly. Lank and kiff are apart of culture here xD
  7. NoHumanCodes

    LTE Bundle for online work and streaming

    Hey everyone. I started a new job online and need a good internet connection that's stable and has lank data - no contract too. I've been looking at RAIN network and was wondering what are your experiences with using LTE and portable modems to work on the go. Is it stable? What are the...
  8. NoHumanCodes

    [Wanted]  Studio Monitors budget up to 6k if it includes an audio interface

    Item Wanted: rokit's, presenus, yamaha, m-audio etc Packaging Essential: no but we must ship :) I am in the garden route Desired Age: any Ballpark/Budget Amount: 4k without soundcard. FYI -------- For your and my protection please read our guide to safe dealing: Guide for safe dealing on...
  9. NoHumanCodes

    PS4 Pro one month old with games

    Item: PS4 pro, god of war, horizon zero dawn complete edition, uncharted 4, the last of us remastered, all cables and x1 controller Age: 1 month Price: R6000 Warranty: I’ll have to check. I bought it in Asia. Not sure if Sony’s warranty is international. Packaging: yes. Everything...
  10. NoHumanCodes

    ASUS N750JV

    bump. R4200
  11. NoHumanCodes

    [Sale] iPhone 6 64GB

    Sold off forum
  12. NoHumanCodes

    ASUS N750JV

    If anyone has price advice on my laptop please message me... I need hulp xD
  13. NoHumanCodes

    [Sale]  iPhone 6 64GB

    Item: iPhone 6 64GB Contract or Cash phone: cash Dual sim / Single Sim: single Age: not sure Price: R2000 Warranty: no Packaging: nope but can package well Condition: Good. Location: Plettenberg Bay Reason: Moving abroad so I need cash Shipping: On you Collection: Yes
  14. NoHumanCodes

    ASUS N750JV

    bump. Moving to Vietnam soon so price drop to R4500. Still unused collecting dust.
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