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  1. Mantiac

    [Sale] LENOVO THINKPAD X280 - i7 8650u - 8GB RAM - 512GB SSD - LTE - WARRANTY 2024

    Mainly web based research, word processing, excel while away from a wall socket for at least 8hrs a day
  2. Mantiac

    [Sale] LENOVO THINKPAD X280 - i7 8650u - 8GB RAM - 512GB SSD - LTE - WARRANTY 2024

    How long does the battery last?
  3. Mantiac

    Sim Racing Gear - Where and how to buy

    Just got word this morning that the 8nm power supply arrived in SA 😁
  4. Mantiac

    Sim Racing Gear - Where and how to buy

    I recently purchased a mint condition csl dd base (original packaging etc) , 5nm power supply and the Gran Turismo wheel off ebay. The total cost including shipping was around 12k. I then ordered a 3rd party 8nm power supply also off ebay, total cost including shipping from Hong Kong R1300. So...
  5. Mantiac

    [Sale] Fanatec Mclaren GT3 V2 + CSL pedals (Both Sealed)

    How did u end up with everything except the base...that is heart breaking.
  6. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    I am one of those who want it😂. Just not keen on spending R900 for it. Honestly hope they fix it, battlefield has been my go to shooter
  7. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    Has the game actually gotten better since launch month? I was so stoked for it but the reviews were terrible, like worse than no man's sky on release
  8. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    So like wot R5... OH Wait u said store value, not actual worth. Got it.
  9. Mantiac

    [PIF] Battlefield 2042 code

    I'm keen to see the return PIF for that what would even be an appropriate PIF 🤔
  10. Mantiac

    free (occulus) MarsQuest

    This looks pretty cool, thanks bud😁
  11. Mantiac

    [Feeler] Ps5 (Purchased 6 April 2022)

    Series X sold, still not sure if I should sell the PS5. Would anyone be keen for R12k in mid June? (maybe sooner)
  12. Mantiac

    [Feeler]  Ps5 (Purchased 6 April 2022)

    Item: Playstation 5, 1 white controller Age: Purchased new 6 April Price: R12 000 Payment Method Accepted: Eft Warranty: I believe its standard one year Warranty Holder: possibly Packaging: Full Condition: Minty Location: Cape Town Reason: Bought it to play GT7. Now relocating...
  13. Mantiac

    [Sale] Playstation 5 Dualsense Controller - Glacier White

    I almost bought the dbrand version but they only sell the rounded edges version now.... I prefer the pointy version... going to Boston in July will see if I can get there
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