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    GPU suddenly not being picked up in PCIe slot.

    So DDR5 and PCIe 5.0? Mmmmm, brand new tech, giving issues... Swop the slot you are using to gen 3, and disable the iGPU entirely. Something is not playing nice with the lanes I think... Also, yes it's a new board, but with new technologies coming to the consumer market, it's often best to...
  2. Dw07u

    GPU suddenly not being picked up in PCIe slot.

    It seems like it could be a PSU issue since it works for a while and then has the issue, perhaps certain components in the PSU are overheating or something? Anyhow, trying with a different PSU first would be what I would recommend first too.
  3. Dw07u

    Web Dev Best prac?

    funny enough scrolling through those posts did motivate me to go stuff around with things, very inspiring thank you.
  4. Dw07u

    Web Dev Best prac?

    Currently looking at front to back, after I am done with this course I would have a better Idea of what I want to focus on. Thanks, yeah I do not qualify for the FNB thing... even though it's advertised to me on the app.... My ebucks level is insufficient etc etc.... I'm doing a Udemy course...
  5. Dw07u

    Desktop Troubleshooting help

    I'd check a few things: - Cleanliness - Heat - Drivers/Software
  6. Dw07u

    BF Alternatives - LIST

    And how was it, I see from some YouTubers that it is getting better with each update, but not sure if the player numbers would ever get back up to make it an enjoyable experience.
  7. Dw07u

    BF Alternatives - LIST

    Looks lekker, will give it ago month end.
  8. Dw07u

    BF 4

    Local Servers are up around weekends, check Friday night maybe... :D
  9. Dw07u

    BF Alternatives - LIST

    Thought I'd make a thread about some BattleField-like games that I come across (Also works on Linux/Proton) - Feel free to add to the list and I will test on Linux if I am able. - BattleBit (Steam/Free at the moment(Still in development), Scheduled Playtests, Very Low Poly) - POLYGON (STEAM)...
  10. Dw07u

    BF 4

    BF4 Since Launch? So I assume your PC would have changed plenty since...
  11. Dw07u

    BattleBit Remastered

    Play-test launching today, think servers will be going up at 17:00 local time.
  12. Dw07u

    Converting PayPal USD to ZAR

    I asked the same question a while back, someone said something about being able to get better rates or something along those lines....
  13. Dw07u

    [Sale] Asus dual RTX 2070 8gig OC (R4500.00) Please Read

    It could potentially be a fix, as it essentially "fixes" any loose/crappy connections between the electronics, a very specialized fix though, you need skill and top-notch equipment to do so. It loosens and replaces some and resolidifies all/most of the solder on the board. If that does not fix...
  14. Dw07u

    [Rules/Moderator] Resellers that offer a service

    Yes but... This is why I am asking
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