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    [Sale] (SOLD) Crucial Ballistix sport 8 x 4GB 2400Mhz (32GB)

    @Gold-Finger007_ZA its 8 times 4GB.
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    1. DDR4
    2. Desktop
    (SOLD) Crucial Ballistix sport 8 x 4GB 2400Mhz (32GB)

    Item: Crucial Ballistix sport 8 x 4Gb CL16 (4 x4GB are a quad channel kit with all DIMMS being the same sub model) Age: 5 years Price: R2000 (R 1000 for the 4x4 for quad channel) Payment Method Accepted: EFT/Cash (prefer EFT) Warranty: With Crucial Packaging: Yes Condition: Excellent Location...
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    Huawei B618 22d vs 65d, whats the difference?

    LTE-A as far as I understood uses carrier aggregation. Which gives higher speed.
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    [Sale]  MikroTik LHG LTE6 17dBi Outdoor CPE | RBLHGR&R11e-LTE6

    #Please use relevant template for your sale/wanted threads #Remove any part with a # tag in front before posting #For Sale Template Item: MikroTik LHG LTE6 17dBi Outdoor CPE | RBLHGR&R11e-LTE6 Age: 1 Month Price: 2800 Payment Method Accepted: Cash/EFT Warranty: Yes, with supplier Packaging...
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    [Sale] (SOLD) G.Skill DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM

    Sold to @GnlRetief
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    1. DDR3
    2. Laptop (SO-DIMM)
    (SOLD) G.Skill DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM

    Item: G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM Age: 11 months Price: R350 Payment Method Accepted: EFT, Cash Warranty: Yes with Wootware, will provide original PoP Packaging: No Condition: Excellent Location: Centurion Reason: Clock is too high for laptop Shipping: On you Collection: Yes Link...
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    [Sale] Nvidia GT240

    Second dibs
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    [Sale] Sold - Nvidia GeForce GTX 260

    PM sent