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Warzone Killrace

Get ready to drop into the Verdansk for this exciting killrace-based tournament. The rules are simple the more kills you get the higher your ranking.

This is a trios tournament and teams will be playing the standard battle royale (not plunder or any other game mode)

entry fee: R50/person

There is a prize pool but it is based on the amount of players who enter. The prize pool works as follows:

1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 12%
4th: 7%
5th: 6%

for example if 7 teams enter the pot will be R1050, therefore the prizes will be as follows:

1st: R525
2nd: R262
3rd: R126
4th: R74
5th: R63

So tell your friends and see who is the best killing machine of them all.

This tournament is scheduled to take place on the 26th of June from 9:00 to 22:00.

entry fees will only start been taken in from the 21st of June as to see if there is interest in this style of tournament.

Registration officially ends on 24th of June and conformation of entrance will be sent out on the following day. Proof of payment must be sent to an email provided closer to the time to secure entry.

Please feel free ask any questions if you are confused in anyway.

Please reply to this with " I'm in " to this thread if you are interested.

Participants (8/1000)