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CS:GO presented by Carbonite (Sponsored by Forge Gaming Network)

  • Entry fee is R50 pp. This goes into the pot. Winner(s) take all. (ian_stagib will be adding R500 to the pot yet again, THANK YOU IAN!). Contact Andrew_Smith for banking details.
  • If a party is 10 min late to the game, they will forfeit the game.
  • Both parties must comment in the tournament thread immediately after the game with the score result. We will then update the scoreboard
  • The rules and tournament type may change if the situation warrants it. We are still figuring this all out after all.
  • In team matches, voice comms for PC players are mandatory and the Carbonite Discord server is to be used for this purpose.
  • Must have a South African bank account (for acceptance of winnings)

Game Settings:
  • Game Mode: Competitive
  • Map: Voting will commence in-game
  • Joinable By: By IP address

Match Create/Join Procedure
I will send you the IP address to the server which you can save under your favourites.



Participants (8/8)

  • MalarKey
  • IWillCuDYou
  • The Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence
  • DislecticFive
  • Sudo-SMD
  • xD.oldMen
  • Open Gaming ZA
  • [M]21