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Carbonite CSGO Tournament 2021 - Division 2 (Lower Ranks) Starting 16 July 2021


General Rules:

· All players and teams are to uphold the spirit of fair play at all times.

· The Tournament Administrators reserves the right to make judgment on cases that are not specifically supported, or detailed in these tournament rules, or even goes against these rules may be taken in extreme cases, to preserve fair play and sportsmanship.

· Unsportsmanlike conduct of any type, including but not limited to racist or abusive remarks and attempts to circumvent or abuse any tournament policy as determined by the organisers is not tolerated and is subject to punishments including forfeits, expulsions, bans, or any other action deemed appropriate by the tournament admins.

· Prize money will be split between the top 3 teams from each division, and available spot prizes will be assigned by vote from tournament admins and members of the carbonite community.

· · FGN currently fields a team in the DGL series. As such if a team is registered to take part in the tournament and consists of 3 or more Forge Gaming Esports (FGE) players they will not be eligible for the prizes, spot or final.

· Teams will have to submit all their players' steam ID’s.

All players registered on Carbonite and in your club(also a team under the clubs name.)

Match Procedure:

· Both teams must then join the game-server at the scheduled match time and begin play within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

· Once the match series is complete, teams must upload their match media and match results to a chat with the opposite team captain and either @Aresfaithfull or @RaZoR14.

Match Format:
  1. Fielded players: 5vs5
    1. In case of issues, the minimum Players allowed to be fielded is 4v5 or 4v4.
  2. Official Game Length: Gameplay will continue until there is a winner as per 4.3 and 4.4 below.
  3. Victory Conditions:
    1. All matches consist of three maps (Best of Three- Bo3). The team who wins the majority of the three maps wins the match.
    2. A draw is not possible, if teams draw a map (15 round wins each) they must play overtime. (Please see below for overtime rules)
    3. A map consists of 30 rounds. 15 rounds per half. The match is won when one team holds the majority of the rounds attainable (16). A map draw occurs when each team holds half of the attainable rounds (15 rounds each).
  4. Overtime:
    1. In the event of a tie, overtime will be used. Overtime consists of two, three round halves (best of 6 rounds). The starting cash is $10000. If the score is still tied after the first overtime, an additional overtime will be played. This process will be repeated until one team wins.
    2. No knife round is needed. At the end of the second half teams start over-time on the same side that they ended the previous half.
  5. Match format: Best of Three (Bo3) unless otherwise stated.
    1. Best of Three (Bo3) side selection process
      1. Teams must join a server and perform a knife round on the map de_dust2. The winning team of the knife round will have the choice to veto the first map or choose sides on the first map. If the knife winner selects to veto the first map, they become team A in the example below.
        1. Example:
        2. Team A removes a map.
        3. Team B removes a map.
        4. Team A picks the first map, Team B decides on the sides for this map.
        5. Team B picks the second map, Team A decides on the sides for this map.
        6. Team B removes a map.
        7. Team A removes a map.
        8. The remaining map is to be played as a decider; Team B decides on the sides for this map.
  6. Team Rosters:
    1. Players per team: 5
    2. Reserves per team: Recommended 1 to 3
    3. Fielded players: 5vs5
    4. In case of issues, the minimum Players allowed to be fielded is 4v5 or 4v4.
  7. Maps:
    1. The full competitive map pool is set out below.
      1. de_inferno
      2. de_nuke
      3. de_overpass
      4. de_Vertigo
      5. de_mirage
      6. de_ancient
      7. de_dust2
  8. Restricted Agents
    1. The tournament will make use of the default models for each map. Players must not use alternative agents from “Operation Shattered Web” and “Operation Broken Fang”.
    2. If a player is in use of an alternative agent skin teams must submit objections within 3 rounds of the games starting to the admins for it to be restarted. Else the match will proceed as scheduled.

Time-outs and Connection Issues:

  1. Time-outs & pauses
  • If a team’s Player is faced with a problem that is preventing him/her from continuing to play, the Player’s team is allowed to use the pause function during the first available freeze time.
  • The team must announce the reason for the pause before or directly after he/she has paused the match. If no reason is given within the first minute of the pause, the opposing team may unpause the Official Game and continue playing.
  • Pause may only be used at the start of a round during freeze time. Before an Official Game is unpaused, the opposing team must be notified and given time to prepare. Depending on the game server that is being used, the unpausing notification process may be automated.
  • The duration of this pause/time-out is five minutes only and allows enough time for the Player to rejoin the server.
  • Tournament Admins reserves the right to pause any match, at any time and for any reason.
  1. Connection Issues
  • If a Player disconnects unintentionally before the first kill in the first round of a half, then the half will be restarted.
  • If a player unintentionally disconnects from the server after the first kill in the first round of the half, the Official Game must continue until the round is complete. The clan captain must then pause the match during the freeze time in round 2 whilst the player can rejoin.
  • The player will have exactly 5 minutes to rejoin the server. If the player has not rejoined within 5 minutes, the match will continue without him. Each team is allowed one pause per match to be used if a player times out or disconnects unintentionally.
Tactical Pauses:

  1. Each team is allowed four (4) 30 second tactical time-outs per Official Game.
  2. Teams can take all four timeouts at once by calling them all individually once the previous timeout expires.
  3. Teams will not be given additional timeouts in the overtime, but the unused timeouts can still be used in overtime.



Participants (4/4)

  • PewPew Gaming
  • Spookhuis
  • Yussus_ZA