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Carbonite CSGO Tournament 2021 - Division 2 (Lower Ranks) Starting 16 July 2021

Welcome to the 2nd Carbonite CS:GO tournament brought to you by Forge Gaming Network. After the success of the last one we have decided to host one again and this time with the help of the amazing carbonite community we will be adding in a bigger prize pool and a couple of spot prizes. This is a tournament for fun so please treat it as such.

The Tournament will be held in two sections, the 1st section will be for all players who currently are, or have been DMG and Higher. This is to make the games a bit more even and fun for all those taking part. If you are a lower rank and like to participate in this section with your friends who are higher rank that is up to you and your team.

The 2nd section will be for players who have not played the game, and for players from Silver 1 to MGE. All players who currently are in that rank distribution are eligible for the 2nd section.

We will be running a double elimination tournament so that the participants can have a chance to get back into the finals even if they only lose one game. This means that there will be a Upper and Lower bracket, where if you lose your 1st game you descend into the Lower bracket to fight your way back to the top. If you lose 2 games in this tournament you will be out.

There will be two admins on call for most of the games @Aresfaithfull and @RaZoR14 (Alpha). We will ensure that all games run smoothly and if there are any issues, they will be sorted out ASAP.


A huge thank you to our sponsors for this tournament, they have provided us with extra prizes to go to the winning teams and some more cash to add to the prize pool. In no particular order big thanks to:

@Computer Biz


@Mighel EKD consulting


@RobinGast Island Computer cc

@PC Rescue & @thermal Grizzly za






Entry will be R50/player this will move forward to the prize pool for the tournament.

Please contact @Aresfaithfull for banking details and to secure your entry.


The prize money will be made up of the entry fees and the donations from our sponsors. It will be split equally between both divisions and FGN will not be taking any prize pool. Some prize money may be used to help facilitate shipping to prize winners.

There are a couple prizes that are assigned to the winning teams of the tournament in both divisions.

1. 1st Division (Higher ranks)

· 5x Red Dragon Mouse pads

· 5x 1g Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste.

2. 2nd Division (lower ranks)

· 5x Red Dragon Mouse pads

· 5x 1g Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut thermal paste.

There are spot prizes available for certain players throughout the tournament. These prizes will be assigned certain criteria.

ROG Strix GO 2.4ghz Wireless headphones, CyberNine for custom PSU cables, and a Gamdias Ares P2 RGB combo.

All prize money will be paid to @Aresfaithfull to complete the admin and entries for all teams and then transferred to @AgelessZA for holding until the end of the tournament.



Participants (4/4)

  • PewPew Gaming
  • Spookhuis
  • Yussus_ZA