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EVGA Announces the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|ngp|n Edition Graphics Card
Was going to post the following, but decided to post it here instead
Clearly EVGA isn't marketing this right or the purpose of such a card is being misunderstood.
What makes a card like this worthwhile, has zero to do with air clocks. You really need to take it under LN2 to appreciate the difference between this card and all the other ones.

It's very odd that PC DIY "fans" (I'll not say enthusiasts because in any other sphere, the enthusiasts generally know what they are talking about in detail and talk facts and figures or at least argue around some rudimentary understanding).
They simply don't get the basic principle of what such cards are for and what makes them different from the FE.

That one can reach 2025MHz on their card using the factory supplied cooler has everything to do with NVIDIA's design and the node/process it is manufactured on. It has little to nothing to do with EVGA, ASUS, MSI, GALAX etc. That is out of their control.
Nobody makes this nonsensical argument when it comes to motherboards. Nobody is out there saying that their particular board is just as good as another because it too takes their 7700K to 4.8GHz.
That's a limitation based on the CPU silicon and INTEL's design. It has nothing to do with the board.

This exact same principle applies to GPUs because guess what? semiconductor physics tends to apply universally to semiconductors. So what EVGA, GALAX, ZOTAC and others are expected to do about this is beyond me.

You can't judge this card unless you know it's purpose and how well or how poorly it goes about delivering on that promise of superior overclocking. Right now, this is the fastest GTX 1080 Ti on record, with the records.

What DIY fans are attempting to do is, present their basic Ford Focus as an equally capable or as worthwhile a machine as the Focus RS. Afterall, they too in their cars can hit 80kph and can drive to the mall and back in both cars in about the same amount of time.
When someone says and shows that the RS is a significantly better track car, the "fans" say that the differences only have niche appeal(overclockers). As if that somehow negates the technical differences between them and prevents one from objectively critiquing those differences.

So if fans can't appreciate the differences in such projects in any capacity past the superficial differences. Vendors are right to go crazy with RGB LEDs, yet somehow that's also disliked. I'd argue that with what fans write online, RGB LEDs as key selling factors is exactly what is deserved. It is only at that level which differences seem to be understood or appreciated.
I will say however that the level of conversation has everything to do with the level/quality of reviews. It's a downward spiral into oblivion like this. With the advent of tech Youtubers, it's gotten worse and I'm not saying it's because of them. They may be on the better side of this whole thing actually (and some are for a fact).
I have been a member of a number of forums and I have to say, this kind of thing is rare on Carbonite. Lots of BS like any other community of course, but there is less of this kind of ignorance and myopia. I'd even wager that by and large Carb members are 10x more clued up than the ones you find on such sites and others like. At the very least do not attempt to make objective assessment claims based entirely on how they personally see the products - devoid of anything worthwhile.


Oct 10, 2016
I've found Linus Tech being very knowledgeable in hardware.

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Apr 27, 2010
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I like Linus and that is about it.

I dislike Jay and Techsyndicate and about 1000 000 million other "experts"

Edit. I like Dimitri from Hardwarekanucks. His accent is just excellent. He is like Linus without sandals, more hair and a Ruski.
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Oct 27, 2016
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Edit. I like Dimitri from Hardwarekanucks. His accent is just excellent. He is like Linus without sandals, more hair and a Ruski.
Hardwarecanucks bugs me. I don't know why but I keep expecting to hear someone Canadian and then that russkie fella comes on instead. Usually not too bad though once I get over that.


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Apr 22, 2010
Just for interest sake, what youtubers would you say would be clued up in their field (specifically pc hardware people)? Also who do you think are all wind and fame and no knowledge?
Actually Hardware Overclocking is pretty alright from a technical perspective. In fact you're not going to go wrong with Buildzoid at all.
From an OC POV, well in time with enough experience he will get there. However I definitely subscribed to that channel.
Without saying then, - der8auer is 100% on the money technically and as an overclocker. Faultless as far as I'm concerned.
Linus is of course not as technical nor as knowledgeable when it comes to OC as the two mentioned above, but that's not his focus anyway, so I'm more than ok with the content.
There are others as well who are good on Youtube as well in the same vein as Linus, like UFDisciple etc. What is an issue though is big sites, (Guru3D for one) and plenty of other YouTube channels like JayuZTwoCents.
The issue is that vendors get a lot of traction from these as they are huge and I mean really important. So all the BS they paddle is neatly sidestepped.

Anybody who can bring you a full DRAM review in a single day over several pages is lying to you.
The same actually applies with a motherboard. Half the issues we all have with boards is simply because in reviews nobody tests all the claims made. If you say you're testing only OC performance that's all good and you report on that exclusively. However to bring out motherboard benchmarks is ridiculous because the differences in board performance between one and another with an identical PCI-E lane layout etc will be down to how the board vendor has tuned or set their AUTO OC rules within the BIOS.
That's why two boards with identical memory can deliver different performance even though XMP was used on both. The thing is checking this is dead simple. Once you're narrowed that down then you can examine the VRM etc.
However that's not what is being done these days at all.
With the increase in revenue in PC DIY market, PC gaming sales and popularity of tech bloggers/YouTube stars/websites it is approval for this kind of thing.
It's almost like how truly bad music is most often the most celebrated or at least the most lucrative. It is quite alarming to spend time talking with all the guys from each and every vendor I have access to and they all are far form impressed from what is written and said. They don't say anything for obvious reasons but yeah it's horrific.
I'm not saying I myself am exempt from this BS, I've participated in it countless times due to sheer workloads or in the past just being lazy or backlash (If I say something isn't right, but one big site gives a perfect 10. I'm one person and considered "niche" therefor my grievance is of little to no concern).
Either way, this needs to be called out by viewers/readers. Given what they write though, it's not possible for them to do this. Viscous circle of ignorance/disregard.
Car Enthusiasts will argue and comment on substance (not on youtube!), but PC DIY fans erm... :/


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Sep 29, 2014
I liked Linus, but these days their videos became more childish than entertaining imo.

BitWit is quiet entertaining to watch, but I don't think he is the most knowledgeable out there though.