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Viv's Lab Rat
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Rating - 100%
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The Rey story sucks because they are trying to run a similar cast and rehash it as to the original trilogy.. Rey is suppose to be the new Leia bikini chick but she is not.. Combine that with a whole lot of political correctness to include people of color, asian and black jedi, bad humor, to an extent its to much. Next is a lbtg jedi. Personally they could have done so much more, like branching deeper into the sith story or use tons of written canon to delve deeper into star wars besides this role replays with different karakters. I am so disappointed and longing for that that I consider watching the comic series and comic books just to get that deeper story.
The thing that gets me about this which you alluded to is the fact that when Disney bought LucasFilm they bought the license to thousands upon thousands of original stories and original canon (licensed and legitimised by Lucas). They didn't need to do anything serious to find good and original stories. So rip