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Something after 17h00 in the evenings, not for money, just pc parts


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Apr 27, 2010
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Upington, Northern Cape, South Africa
So my pc is moertoe, and i have time to play maybe a few hours on the weekend. Now in week 2 and i need a pc. Watched every good video on Youtube and smallpeopleporn is boring, need to play COD MW.

Position Wanted: IT telephonic, anydesk, teamviewer, IT needs assessments for entry to high end pc systems, anything!
Employment type: (Contract/Permanent etc.) between 17h00 and 20h00 - Monday to Thursday (naweke moet ek rus want ek werk hard)
Salary: (Salary required, or salary range required) just parts to build me a pc i can actually game on (Ja ek is gierig, ek meen mens het nie rerig n pc nodig....)
Starting Date / Notice Period: anytime
Location: (Where are you located or are willing to work) from Home in Upington. Have internet and wife's laptop and my plex server to use, telephone, cellphone
Job experience/skill: (Make yourself look good here) I am the official Carbonite sexy guy. Full time pc expert from 1998. Before that admin in bank.
Link to LinkedIn profile: (if available) nee sies man

Basically if there is someone on Carb that needs a hand in helping some of his customers remotely with the normal techie type "die ding sit nie aan nie" i can help. All i ask in return is maybe a cpu, here, a motherboard there, a gpu here etc. Yes i work first and then you can reward me.

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