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Seller P PredatoR
Buyer S serj811
Hi got a pm from this POS telling me he sees I'm interested in a gpu, tells me he has a msi gtx 1070 gaming x to sell for R4500. He sent a video of the card plus a pic with the invoice. Cutting a long story short I paid him,said he has sent the card and now I can't get hold of him.1070GamingX.mp4.
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Busy with this

All members unless you have relevant info you are NOT allowed to comment. Banning the 2 that already forgot we had rules here.


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Question r.e the username of the scammer.
I recall someone called PredatoR being banned previously too.
Surely the names being the same is not a coincidence and seeing as this guy only joined last week Thursday then it can definitely not be him I am remembering...
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